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Singer/songwriter Brian Patricks emerged onto the Maine singer/songwriter scene

in the early spring of 2009 with a 30 year span of classical guitar

and various folk, blues and rock projects under his belt.

That coupled with a suitcase of experience in front of

an audience he set off with guitar in hand and a

passion to perform as a solo artist.


Though a songwriter, Patricks loves to intertwine many covers through-out his mix of original songs.

There are so many great, old and new songs out there that are loved by many. There are so many songs that have messages or stories that need to be told and re-told or that are just plain fun to play. 

It seems a shame to let them lie there silent just waiting to be heard again. 

Patricks loves to take covers and make them his own. As the infamous Forest Gump once said about a box of chocolates, When Patricks tackles a cover, you just never know what you're going to get.


       Brian is a talented guitarist and songwriter and a great interpreter of cover tunes, Im sure your audience would enjoy him.

                        Bob McKillop, Past Maine Songwriters Association President & Portland Musician www.bobmckillop.com

Brian  intertwines finger style rhythmic guitar with a hint of harmonica into his sets of originals and covers of folk, blues and rock. Also at times using live looping technology, Brian may add a musical loop or a rhythm loop he creates live on the fly using what-ever he has at hand from an ol' tin can, a set of egg shakers or anything else he can make a noise with to help augment his live solo performances.

One minute he may be jammin' an ol' toe tappin' folk or rock tune then throw at you a fine classical or flamenco piece breaking out into a smokey blues finger pickin' number.



        Brian, I've heard only good comments from many of the folks who saw you at the coffeehouse.  Your playing and singing complemented by your easy going narrative remarks made for an extremely enjoyable evening, I'll look forward to having you back in the future.

                        Don Peterson, Union Coffee House, Belgrade Lakes Maine, 207-495-3599



  You will hear influences in Brian's originals of artist such as: JJ Cale, John Mayall,  John Hiatt, James Taylor, Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine and Bob Dylan to name a few. 



       "Brian is highly skilled, as a musician and as a performer.  Every performance is different, because he's experienced enough to know how to tailor his delivery to the whims of our eclectic guests.  Our diners love him, our staff enjoy working when he's in the house, and his style extends the welcoming ambiance we try so hard to offer consistently here at Andy's. He's one of the few artists I've ever worked with who understands the need to provide an outstanding performance, while at the same time, taking an interest in the success of our business and the comfort of our guests. We're fortunate to have him on board."  

                        Jennifer Fox, Owner, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland Maine, 207-874-2639



 In a Brian Patricks performance you will surely hear some of his original creations along with covers from the many artists that have influenced  his own musical journey such as the artists listed above along with:The Eagles, Steve Earle, Bruno Mars, Delbert McClinton, Eagle Eye Cherry, The Decemberists, Dire Straits, Tom Petty, Jason Mraz, Jackson Brown, Bad Co, Sugar Ray, Eric Clapton, Dan Fogelberg, Fast Ball, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Greene, Santana, Gotye and The Talking Heads to name a few. 




       "Singer/Songwriter Brian Patricks is a great local songwriter"

                        Freeport Square Art Gallery, Freeport Maine, 207-865-1616


Brian loves to recreate the atmosphere during a show of the old time folk concerts when the performing artists interacted with the audience and made them feel like they were part of the over all performance.


"Brian Patricks is a passionate and lively singer/songwriter you won't soon forget. Audiences warm up to him like a campfire on a cool autumn night. Patricks just has that certain ability to connect with his listeners."

                            Barry P. Martin, The Local Buzz, Cape Elizabeth  Maine, 207-541-9024


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