Brian Patricks

Singer-Songwriter - Fingerstyle Guitarist - Loop Artist - Purveyor Of Cover Tunes

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"Cats In The Cradle"

Harry Chapin  Cover




"Beat It"

A Michael Jackson Cover

What some venue owners say about Brian Patricks

  "Brian is highly skilled, as a musician and as a performer.  Every performance is different, because he's experienced enough to know how to tailor his delivery to the whims of our eclectic guests.  Our diners love him, our staff enjoy working when he's in the house, and his style extends the welcoming ambiance we try so hard to offer consistently here at Andy's. He's one of the few artists I've ever worked with who understands the need to provide an outstanding performance, while at the same time, taking an interest in the success of our business and the comfort of our guests. We're fortunate to have him on board."   

Jennifer Fox, Owner, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland Maine




"Singer/Songwriter Brian Patricks is a great local songwriter"

 Freeport Square Art Gallery, Freeport Maine






Brian  intertwines finger style rhythmic guitar with a hint of harmonica into his sets of originals and covers of folk, blues roots and rock. Also at times using live looping technology, Brian may add a musical loop or a rhythm loop he creates live on the fly to help augment his live solo performances.






"A Pirate Looks At 40" By The Brian Patricks Project

"Cajun Moon" By The Brian Patricks Project

Something A Little Different In A Duo

“The Brian Patricks Project” uses an accomplished live looping style to fill out their own acoustic arrangements of roots rock, blues, folk and a bit of modern rock originals and covers in the stylings of JJ Cale, James Taylor, Mark Knopfler and John Hiatt rolled into one! Many songs during a performance will have live multiple acoustic guitar and bass guitar parts added right before your very ears!


Brian Patricks adds acoustic guitar, bass guitar and vocals to the mix while the project fills in around the edges with live percussion and more vocals.


At times hand crafted rhythm tracks are also pre-created using hi-def audio drum samples recorded by some of your favorite well known professional studio drummers. These tracks are crafted specifically for the song they are played behind (No canned drum machine sound). They are designed to not be overpowering but to ride just below the threshold of sound to pull things in together.


All in all, “Patricks & Son” delivers a full, quality sound.

"The Brian Patricks Project"                      Live Audio Cuts

Have You Ever Seen The Rain By The Brian Patricks Project

"Down Under" By The Brian Patricks Project

Some Classical Gas!!

North-Wood Sky (My Tribute To Presque Isle)

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Brian Patricks delivers a mix of roots rock and blues along with a bit of folk and modern rock. His sound consists of guitar styling's reminiscent of James Taylor's & Knopfler's handy guitar work coupled with gritty vocals compared to those such as; John Hiatt, Cale and Dylan. In a performance Brian lays out a mix of acoustically arranged covers by the likes of James Taylor, Hiatt, Prine  and many other fine artists from yesterday to today.

Over the years Brian has built a fine reputation as a finger-style guitarist with Cale like vocals and backlist of hundreds of gigs in various venues and concert settings throughout the State Of Maine.


Brian is right at home in a venue playing a multi-genre mix of  lyrical and instrumental music perfect for a restaurant or lounge setting when you don't want the live entertainment to over take and over power the atmosphere.

Brian is also right at home in a coffee shop or concert setting when the focus of the evening is on the entertainer. Brian has a way of connecting with his audience by interacting through storys and dialogue along with delivering a well thought-out mix of of his own original songs coupled with some very tasty covers. He may also add some instrumentals into the mix, whether they be contemporary, or classical guitar pieces to augment the live performance. 


"Distinction Blues" An Original By Brian Patricks.

Performing At The Emporium In Readfield Maine.


"Unemployment Line" An Original By Brian Patricks.

Official Music Video.


"Prohibition" An Original By Brian Patricks.

Full band Version.